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What we offer

Air Handling Unit

Advantek delivers high quality Air Handling Units (AHUs) that are reliable, engineered to the highest standards .

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Smart AHU

AHU with integrated control system to overcome the need of building management systems.

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Clean Room Systems

Advantek’s Modular Clean Room Systems interface with floors, ceilings, and mechanical components.

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Direct/Indirect Evaporative Cooling

In tropical countries like India, summer cooling alone accounts for more than 60%

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Advantek takes every care to ensure the Air Handling Units you choose are optimized for your purposes, producing detailed drawings and technical specifications to illustrate exactly how the units will fit into your chosen application.

Newest Technologies

Advantek will provide you with the complete solution, utilizing the latest technologies and software to deliver superior air handling.


Our range of Air Handling Units are designed to create a symbiosis of heat, ventilation and air filtration. The result is a perfectly balanced environment for people and industry.

Power and Energy

Each unit is manufactured using a combination of in-house technical expertise, high quality production facilities and a dedicated, experienced workforce.

Best Quality

Advantek delivers high quality Air Handling Units (AHUs) that are reliable, engineered to the highest standards .

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  • I'm Well pleased with the AHU installation Advantek did an excellent job professional approach towards work with prompt

    Manoj Bhansali

    Airtech Industries, Nepal

    They were as professional as you can get in this installation. This was a tough job and took someone who knew their stuff!! Thanks, Very Happy.
    Jerrome Sudakar

    Best Air Engineering

    Advantek team did a good job of keeping Installation process smooth. The Service was extremely prompt and finished in a timely manner. No Complains.
    Ahmed Abdul Majeed

    Guld Alfourat

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