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Sterilize Cheambers

Pandemic is not over yet ,but to run the economy people need to resume to work . Under this circumstances we need effective ,flexible and reliable Disinfection flow and thermal Screening solutions Advantek introduces “STERILIZE CHAMBER” for Effective sterilization and identification of COVID- 19 symptoms by temperature screening

Design Features

  • No physical contact to avoid contamination
  • Automatic control for effectiveness
  • High accuracy of temperature screening
  • Proper nozzle positioning for complete disinfection with optimize chemical usage


Bipolar lonizer PCO ozone Generator Hepa Filters carbon UV Light Chemical
Success rate 99% Marginal 99% 99.70% Marginal Marginal Marginal
Partical size Small <2.5 μm Large > 5 μm Small <2.5 μm Small > 3 μm N/A N/A N/A
Maintenance required NO YES YES YES YES YES YES
Harmful Side effect Small <2.5 μm NO YES YES NO YES YES

Working Principle

With the help of fan and bipolar ionizer , air stream of required ion density is pushed inside the chamber from top. The negative and positive ions are design to treat and allow energy imparted by ions to transform ordinary oxygen into reactive oxygen species (ROS), superoxide's ,peroxides and hydroxyl. These particle have property of clustering around micro particles like bacteria and virus. Chemical reaction occurs at cell membrane surface they transform into OH radicals, they are inactivated by serving the protein on cell membrane which cause opening of holes and destroying virus. Bipolar ionizer kills virus without damaging DNA in the interior cell and unlike other physical or chemical agents such as UV light , radioactivity and caustic chemicals, BPI is totally green and does not have any adverse affect .


  • Casing –Double skin insulated 25 mm thick, Inner outer prepainted Gi /SS 304 / acrylic sheet
  • Structure – Extruded Aluminium Profile
  • Method of disinfection – Bipolar Ionizer
  • Motion sensor for automatics activation of system
  • Infrared sensor for thermal screening
  • Face recognition for data logging ( optional)
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