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  • 2 Manufacturing facility is located in (Thane), with additional land available for future expansion in Wada (Thane) Advantek is equipped with Precision sheet metal fabrication for high quality cabinet fabrication within tight tolerances equipment.


Partner’s Experience- Above 100 man years. Well Experienced Production Managers, aptly supported by highly skilled Engineers. A well maintained and managed 'CAD/CAM' facility.

Smart Air AHU Selection software

Advantek has developed a completely automated AHU selection software for quick and accurate calculation of unit’s dimensions, weight and cost estimate. We can select different series of AHU models like floor mounted units, ceiling suspended unit, Air washer, Pharma double decker units with secondary and tertiary filters.
One can easily select required unit by entering basic parameters like Air flow, static pressure and by selecting different modules and internal components like aluminium profile, filter, coil, fan, mixing box, evaporating pad, eliminator etc.

After completion of selection we get complete material specification and performance data of components of AHU like fan, motor and coil etc... Also, we get the overall dimensions, weight and GA drawing and cost estimate which can be saved in PDF format

Advantek selection Software has integral coil calculation engine through which it is possible to calculate heating, cooling, direct expansion, steam and condensing coils in AHU with Psychometric chart

Advantek selection software includes fan DLL of selection software of fan manufacturers which enable to select proper required fans.

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