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AHU with integrated control system to overcome the need of building management systems which can be controlled remotely and linked to automation systems with standard communication protocols support.

Monitoring and controlling all AHU parameters like temperature , humidity, air flows, filters and damper status saves thermal and electrical energy.

Key Features

  • compact design with optimal running cost.
  • high efficiency fans & motors with low noise.
  • permanent magnet motors with variable frequency drive.
  • customized solution based on end.
  • users requirement suitable for all applications like pharmaceuticals, it, commercial offices etc.
  • Low space requirement.
  • minimal cabling.
  • cost reduction as no controller hardware required.
  • can be integrated with fire alarm system.


  • Temperature control with outdoor compensation
    ( free cooling).
  • Demand controlled ventilation.
  • humidity control.
  • CO2 control.
  • variable fan speed control.
  • constant pressure control.
  • constant air flow control.
  • ecfan support.
  • integration with fire alarm system.

Shared Logic Functional Advantages

HVAC application Programming – Graphical
Real Time clock for scheduling, Ethernet TCP/IP & Built web server
MP-Bus Power supply and communication in one single cable.
Tool- web browser /Shared logic tool suit.
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