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The air handling unit is an integrated piece of equipment consisting of heating and cooling coils, air-control dampers, filters & silencers, air handling's are often called ahu. The purpose of this equipment is to collect and mix out door air with that returning from the building space. The air mixture is then cooled or heated,after which it is discharged into building space.

Through a duct system air handler is normally associated with heating /cooling (hvac) systems. They are normally mounted on the floor of roof mounted. they often have an economizer or inlet damper. This also includes the following fans, filters,cooling coils, humidifiers & energy saving instrumentals and technology.

Double Skin Horizontal Floor Mounted Units

Our range of Air Handling Units is designed to create a symbiosis of heat, ventilation a nd air filtration. Advantek has 23 Horizontal models from 1000 CFM to 40000 CFM.

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Horizontal Ceiling Suspended

Ceiling-mounted air-handling units are air treatment units that provide a comfort environment of air-conditioned rooms. They are primarily used for installation under the ceiling or into the ceiling structure. Advantek has 9 models from 1000 CFM to 12000 CFM.

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Vertical Air handling Units

The Vertical air handling unit line of heating and cooling systems is a high quality, high performance, cost effective small air-handling unit designed specifically for tight applications. Advantek has 12 models from 1000 CFM to 16000 CFM.

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Ventilation Units

A ventilation unit is a mechanical structure of connected devices that controls airflow within confined spaces, commonly homes and offices. Its main function is to introduce a constant supply of fresh air, usually from the outside, while channelling stale air back out.

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Evaporative Cooling System

An evaporative cooling produces effective cooling by combining a natural process i.e water evaporation with a simple , reliable air moving system. Fresh outside air is filtered through the saturated evaporative media (cellulose pads) , cooled by evaporation and circulated by a blower.The result is a perfectly balanced environment for people and industry. Advantek has 12 Horizontal models from 5000 CFM to 50000 CFM.

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